Ashrams (residential retreats) provide opportunities for spiritual study and understanding undistracted by the bustle of town and city life.

Some ashrams are known as ‘gurukulams’. The word gurukulam refers to ‘a residential retreat for learning with the acarya (preceptor)’. It is a place of formal study of Vedanta under the care of a qualified teacher: one who is both established in knowledge of the true nature of reality and fully versed in the Upaniá¹£ads, the ancient texts enshrining that vision.

Since not all ashrams offer traditional Vedanta study, not all are gurukulams, but all gurukulams are ashrams.

Arsha Vidya gurukulams have been established in India (Rishikesh, Coimbatore, Nagpur) and Pennsylvania, USA. They are available to UK students who wish to enter into longer periods of study in a conducive setting.

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