Privacy Policy

References to 'we', 'us' and 'our' in this Privacy Policy are to Arsha Vidya UK, a registered charity established in the UK. Our Registered Charity number is 1127020. Visit our About Us and Background pages to learn more about us.

Protecting your personal information

Our Code of Conduct commits us to protecting any personal information you provide when contacting us or when booking retreats or other events. We store and use that information in compliance with all European and UK laws (including the UK Data Protection Act 1998) concerning the protection of such information.

When we collect personal information

When you contact us we create a record in your name only if you indicate that you wish to be added to our Mailing List, register your interest in a future event or public talk, or make a booking for an event/retreat. We may add information to that record during the booking process.

How we use personal information

Enquiries: If you contact us via our Contact page we do not store your personal details. We use them solely in order to respond to you.

Recordings registration: Recordings from our extensive library of discourses and guided meditations are available via our Login page to those who register. Registration (which is free) merely allows us some idea of the level of interest in the recordings. It does not put you on any database or list. The free availability of the whole or part of our recordings of selected discourses, whether via the public Downloads page or via registration on the Login page, does not mean we relinquish ownership or copyright. (See our Copyright Declaration)

Event registration and bookings: Personal details of those who register online a prior interest in an event (such as a retreat or a public talk) or who book online or by post, are stored in a secure Arsha Vidya UK database. Such details are used solely for administering the event. Our database systems are accessible only to the Arsha Vidya UK event co-ordination team. However, sufficient of that data to ensure efficient provision of appropriate event services (e.g. accommodation and catering) may be given to service providers. Your registration for such events demonstrates your consent to this.

Keeping in touch with you: If, when you complete an online form, you also subscribe to our Mailing List, we will keep you informed about Arsha Vidya UK news and events. To remove your contact details from our list, follow the unsubscribe link that appears at the end of every Newsletter email and at the foot of our online forms.

Storing personal data: No personal data, such as contact details, is stored on this site. It is held off-site in a manner that protects its privacy. It will not be used without your permission for any purpose not stated in this Privacy Policy. We have never sold our Mailing List, either in whole or part, and never shall. We will never show or send personally identifiable information about you to other organisations, companies or people without your prior written consent, unless obeying Court orders or the like, or where efficient event administration necessitates it (and even then only to the extent strictly necessary).

Viewing, correcting or removing information

You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of it, please contact us. We want to ensure your personal information is accurate and up-to-date and are happy to correct or delete anything you wish, including deleting your entire record.

Financial data

Arsha Vidya UK does not store and has no access to personal financial data of any kind. Any such data (typically for donations) is handled only by a trusted third party (currently PayPal) on its own site – not on this one.


Websites (including ours) place very small text files on computers, tablets or phones in order to recognize their browsers each time they visit. These tiny files are known as 'cookies'. Recognising browsers helps anonymously measure how sites are used, which in turn shows how best to meet visitors' needs. For instance, they show which pages people go to most often and whether they get error messages. Knowing this helps improve a site's usefulness and efficiency. Cookies can also be used to store any preferences visitors set and to help provide security and efficiency in online forms and login areas.

Being mere text files and not programs, cookies cannot read devices or make any information they help collect available to any third party. They can be read only by the site that installs them. Although unique to each browser, cookies are anonymous: they hold no personally identifiable data.

If you wish, you can set your browser not to accept cookies. tells you more, including how to remove them, but then some of this site's features will be unavailable.


Arsha Vidya UK takes security very seriously. Our members who handle personal information are made aware of our privacy and security procedures and must follow them when handling personal information.

Please note that since no method of transmission or storage is 100% secure, absolute security of data cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, we take all reasonable steps to ensure its maximum security.

Third parties

This privacy policy applies only to Arsha Vidya UK and not to any third party to whom we or our website may be linked. Whilst we take all reasonable steps to ensure that we have good security practices, we are not responsible for those of others.