Glossary – search help

Green alphabetic letters at the sides are links to different sections. Clicking them reveals sub-menus to aid word selection.

English (not Sanskrit) alphabetical order is used in this glossary.

Searching on a laptop – while pressing the Control key (or Command ⌘ key on a Mac) tap the F key. Enter a search term in the box that appears.

Searching on a phone/tablet – tap the magnifying glass icon ☌.

Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) are NOT designed to search the glossary.

Search spellings – do use the IAST transliteration scheme (lowercase only) in searches. Its diacritics need not be used. (The ITRANS transliteration scheme is not used here.)

For example, type...
atma not aatmaa or AtmA
bhasya not bhaashya or bhAshya
caitanya not chaitanya
cit not chit
drk not drik
gita not geetaa
isvara not Ishwara or Eeshwara
jiva not jeeva
jnana not jnaana or gyaana
kosa not kosha or kośa
moksa not moksha
sabda not shabda or śabda
saksi not sakshi or saakshee
susupti not sushupti
svapna not swapna
trpti not tripti
trsna not trishna
upanisad not upanishad
vasana not vaasanaa