Glossary – search tips

On a laptop, first check that you are fully on the Glossary page by clicking once on the white background. Then, while holding down the Control key (or the Command ⌘ key if using a Mac) tap the F key once. A small dialogue box will appear. Enter a search term into it. The box searches the Glossary alone, nothing else. Do not use Google Search.

IAST, International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration, is used in the Vedanta Glossary. Its spellings should be used in searches. However, it is unnecessary to use its diacritics (special markings). Just type the correctly spelled word in the search box, in lower case, without diacritics.

For example:
Type bhasya not bhāṣya or bhAshya
Type gita not gîtâ or geetaa
Type isvara not Ishwara or Eeshwara
Type jnana not jñāna
Type sabda not śabda or shabda
Type saksi not sākṣī or saakshee
Type susupti not sushupti
Type trpti not tripti
Type trsna not trishna
Type upanisad not upanishad

Even though it’s unnecessary to use any diacritics in the search box, your browser may still read them correctly.

Much of all the above applies to a phone or tablet too.

If you don’t know the correct spelling, click on the green alphabetic letter at the side of the Glossary that matches the word's initial letter. Doing so takes you to the first word in that section. Scroll to find the desired word.

All Glossary entries are in strict English alphabetical order, not in Sanskrit alphabetical order.

Words in blue are links and will take you to that specific entry, which might be near the word you want.

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