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Code of Conduct

A practical guide for all who participate in or contribute to activities at Arsha Vidya UK

Arsha Vidya UK accepts that every human being knows, without ever being taught, the behaviour he or she expects from others: no-one wishes to be hurt, cheated, lied to, etc. Each, therefore, has a reciprocal duty not to hurt, cheat, lie, steal, etc.

This simple, common-sense morality is a reflection of dharma — the natural, universal law and order that is Īśvara. All are expected, as a function of their participation or contribution within Arsha Vidya, to make a continued and ever-refining effort to properly understand dharma in its fullness and to live in accord with that understanding.

The values that epitomise a life of dharma are reflected in the śāstras, most notably in the Bhagavad Gītā (Ch.13, v7-11). Those values lead to giving primacy to duty, as exemplified by karma yoga. Again, all are expected to fully assimilate the value of those values, embodying that understanding in their behaviour.

Dharma of course includes a respect for and full compliance with man-made law, any breaches of which would become subject to that law.

Understanding and following this code of conduct leads to the highest standards of personal behaviour in thought, word and deed.