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Bhagavad Gita Home Study Course

At the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita the great warrior Arjuna has doubts about how he should act, about his duty, about how to overcome sorrow and secure his highest welfare. By the end of the 700th verse his doubts have been cleared by Lord Krishna. What does he hear?

Find out by attending weekly/fortnightly study sessions. Please ask for contact details for the venue nearest to you (see chart below).

Birmingham Dr Rajeshwari Jawahar
Chiswick, W. London David Mendes da Costa
Hillingdon, W. London Dr Sarada Murthy
Lewisham, S. London Vasanta Karunakaran
Cheadle, Manchester Dr Paresh Parikh
Rickmansworth, Herts Shivani Sreeharan
Southgate, N. London Richard Garry
St Albans, Herts Dr Thana Visuvaratnam

Gita Home Study Course material

The course is the fruit of a systematic programme of 363 recorded talks given in English by HH Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati over a three-year period. They reveal in detail both the richness and essence of the Bhagavad Gita as well as the full and true purport of Adi Shankara's bhashya.

If you wish to have some, here are tips on conducting a study group and also some on how to read aloud well.

A beautifully produced transcript in English of the entire programme of talks, forming a complete Bhagavad Gita Home Study Course, is available for purchase online as a 9-volume set of hardback books. There is a fully searchable PDF version of the course too, with embedded audio and video. An audio CD compilation of the original 363 talks is also available. Go to the American Arsha Vidya Bookstore and enter the phrase gita home study into the search box to see all the options.

Alternatively, visit either the Arsha Vidya Reseach and Publication Trust, Chennai, or the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam bookshop, Coimbatore, to purchase the 9-volume set in either English or Tamil.

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A group of friends meet in person or online and read the book together. One reads aloud while the others follow using their own copy of the text, stopping occasionally to discuss what has been read or to change the reader.

The text is an edited transcript of classes given by Swami Dayananda. His thorough, in-depth analysis and unfoldment provides an opportunity to properly understand the Gita.

He does far more than clearly reveal the errors in the various alternative views and interpretatiions that have arisen over time, he shows the Gita's true vision of moksha and its means.

The study of this peerless Vedanta text requires perseverance — it's a monumental work that needs time both to complete it and to savour its riches!

Swni Atmaprakashananda will meet with the groups from time to time to respond to questions.


Swami Dayananda speaks

He outlines how the study programme works.

3 mins 47 secs


Swni Atmaprakashananda