"Vedanta is neither a theory nor a practice.
It is a means of knowledge to know just the truth about you."
Swami Dayananda

About us

Arsha Vidya UK teaches Vedanta. Vedanta is not a philosophy, not a school of thought, not a system of ideas, not a set of contentions. It is a means of knowledge, a pramana, for something that has to be understood rather than believed: it is a means for revealing the non-dual nature of reality. It does so, not by replacing one set of notions with another, but by showing the error in mistaken ones.
Arsha Vidya UK is not experience-oriented. It is for those who seek self-knowledge, not mystical experiences. We listen to the teacher, reflect on what has been taught and ascertain it through contemplation.
Arsha Vidya UK is not an institution. No commitment of attendance or academic qualification is needed, and no race, gender, religion or nationality is excluded.
Arsha Vidya UK is not a business. We don't sell anything; we're not profit-oriented. All study sessions are free, but we also pay our way and support the teachers and the tradition through voluntary donations.
Arsha Vidya UK is not centred on any personality. The teaching is more important than the teacher (even though the qualified traditional teacher is extremely rare).

Swamini Atmaprakashananda guides our enquiry into these matters. In her clear and systematic way she reveals the truth of self-knowledge, how it is attained and how such knowledge eliminates ignorance and hence suffering.