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Sai Baba group talk, Dec 2008

Just prior to her recent trips to Kuwait, India and Holland, Swamini Atmaprakashanandaji was invited to address a group of Sai Baba devotees that meets in Wanstead, East London. She did so on a beautiful, sunny, December morning in their meeting hall, a local church.

Following their devotional singing and chanting, the thirty or so Asian ladies present heard how Vedanta questions the purpose and direction of human life and the means we choose to fulfil our aims.

During the course of her analysis, Swaminiji showed that freedom from unhappiness (moksha) is our choiceless end. To be constantly clear about this is to have purushartha nishcaya, clarity or definiteness of purpose. With this clarity and a life of Karma Yoga, worship and prayer, the understanding that happiness (being our true nature) is already gained can be discovered through the grace of Lord Dakshinamurti, the source of all knowledge.

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