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Suresh Pala (1949-2011) Arsha Vidya UK Treasurer,
died 1st Dec 2011

Suresh Pala, a founder member and trustee of Arsha Vidya UK, was instrumental in establishing its constitution and acted as its treasurer for many years. Arsha Vidya UK acknowledges and respects his long and valuable contribution and is deeply grateful for it.

Arsha Vidya UK sends its condolences to his family. We feel the absence of his physical presence. He has been a great moral support and could be depended on for help whenever it was needed.

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati always appreciated his total commitment to Vedantic teaching. Sureshji expressed this understanding in the non-reactive way he lived his life.

Swamiji phoned Sureshji shortly before the end and gave him a mantra to support him at that important time. Even though on his death bed, Sureshji was perfectly able to hear, understand and repeat back the mantra, confirming what he had recieved. He was very pleased to have spoken to his guru, and no doubt used the mantra to good effect.

As it is Bhagavan’s wish, as a result of his and our prārabdha, we have to accept this present situation gracefully. We pray to Bhagavan to bless us with the knowledge and strength to accept the situation and bless Sureshji with a good gati.

“Just as a person gives up old clothes and takes up new ones, so too the indweller of the body gives up old bodies and takes others which are new.”
Bhagavad Gita, Ch2v22


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