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Meera – the soul divine, 13 Aug 2016

One magical evening in mid August, the audience at the Mermaid Theatre in London's West End was carried heavenwards by Chitra Visweswaran and her dancers performing "Meera – the soul divine" to the beautiful music of Bombay Jayshree.

The two-hour performance, which was free, was a fund-raiser for 'Aim For Seva', a charity which provides free education (and more) for children of rural India.

Aim For Seva arose from a conversation 17 years ago between the great saint Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati and a tribal woman who, like many others, was unable to get her child to school. Swamiji responded by initiating the building of what has now become a network of 97 Chatralayas across 16 States of India in which rural children are housed, fed, clothed and given a value-based education — all free of charge!

In addition, Aim For Seva has built and now runs several schools, a college, medical services and much more.

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